Sponsor an Attendee

We believe that education should not cost an arm and a leg. As such, First Train Home pledges to offer a partial and full scholarship at every workshop to offset the cost of a couple lucky attendees. Love the idea of helping attendees learn more to better their community? Ask us about donating to our scholarship fund!

Sponsor an Event

Event sponsors help us make workshops happen. From in-kind sponsors providing the treats we use to full event sponsors making it possible for us to travel on-site, we couldn’t provide vital information without you! Perks include brand mentions, vendor opportunities, and social media shout-outs. Ask us about how you can sponsor an event.

Year-Round Sponsors

Year-round sponsors help us grow. Love our workshops and the work we do? Want to be able to offer it to more communities and impact more animals? We do too. That’s where year-round sponsors come in! Year-round sponsors help us create more resources, reach more people, and offer new and exciting services. Perks include visibility on our sites, VIP passes, product promotion, and customer engagement. Ask us about how you can join the ranks as a year-round sponsor.