Who should attend workshops?

Our shelter series workshops are designed with shelter & rescue staff in mind. That said, we’ve had plenty of volunteers who’ve enjoyed them just as much! Our professional series workshops are designed for trainers and behavior consultants who are interested in aiding their local shelters & rescues.

Can we register for one workshop attendee spot and switch out individuals?

We do not advise this. We get it– it’s hard to spare critical staffers for multiple days. However, all of our workshop components are built on top of one another and assumes a basic knowledge from the previous days’ segments. It can be confusing for attendees to jump in midway and that means it’s not as effective for your organization.

How much does it cost to host and/or attend a workshop?

Our prices vary depending on the workshop type and structure requested by the host organization. You can find pricing for upcoming workshops on individual event pages. Contact us to talk about pricing options for future workshops!

Where do you offer workshops?

Workshop locations are all requested from organizations like yours! Information on upcoming workshop locations can be found on our events pages. Contact us to request a location near you!

What format can we expect in a workshop?

Our typical three day workshops consists of PowerPoints and videos with interactive discussions and hands-on exercises with and without animals.

Do you only offer workshops about dogs or do you have resources for other species as well?

While our dog-focused workshop is our most popular option, we do indeed work with all species and can structure workshops to meet the needs of any species of animal. Contact us for most information about our multi-species workshop options.

What do I need to be a host shelter?

Host shelters require a lecturing space able to accommodate up to 50 people, a projector & laptop set-up, and the ability for attendees to work with 10-15 of their animals. Contact us to speak further about hosting a workshop!

Can we bring personal dogs to events?

No. Our workshops are typically held at shelters with limited space and are unable to accommodate personal dogs. Service animals are always welcome.