Why First Train Home?


Realistic solutions for your community.

We’re here because we envision a better future. We’re here because we love animals and want to save as many as we can. But we also know that to be successful organizations need to be realistic with what they know, what their resources are, and what their community can support at this very moment. Decisions need to be made based off of “now.” Only then can we start making that future a reality.

Knowledge creates empowered decision-making.

Nothing adds to compassion fatigue like self-doubt and second-guessing. Making difficult decisions and taking risks becomes easier when you have a knowledge base to back them up. Having a surface knowledge of a topic, the “what,” only provides a finite window into how to solve problems. Having a deeper knowledge, the “why,” allows you to feel confident as you troubleshoot and innovate towards a better tomorrow.

One size does not fit all.

It’s true that shelters and rescues all face the same core issues. What’s not true is that the solution that works for your neighboring organization will work for you. Your organization is a living, breathing entity that is learning and growing. No two are the same. We get that, and the same tools we use to teach animals – empowerment, successive approximations, and meeting the learner where they’re at – are what we use for humans and organizations too.


Next Steps…

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